Bert's Day

As a concession to my man, I agreed to give him Saturday to be his day. We would do whatever he wanted and nothing he didn't. That lasted all of about 2 hours until he agreed to meet with friends on Saturday. So we moved Bert's Day to Monday. That's today. It is now 12:30 PM and our day has consisted of: 1 - Bert napping on the couch, 2 - Me watching Nickelodeon. So then Sam calls, needing a jump. Apparently Bert overheard much of the conversation and is upset because today was just to be the two of us. Okay, fine, so I see Sam is still on facebook and relay the info. Now he's mad because I informed Sam. So he's in the office, I am guessing sulking . . .

Wow, quite the exciting day so far . . .

I'll update if we ever get out of the house.

Okay, so we did actually leave the house yesterday. I drove, since it was Bert's day, but honestly, I would rather. We went to Scarecrow Video so he could rent W, then to Uwijama for I'm not sure what (other than salmon for supper), and to Bartells for deodorant and hair ties for me. Then he fixed dinner, making a mess of my kitchen as usual, and we watch W. He admitted I was right, it wasn't as good as he thought it would be. He was expecting the hilarious antics of George W. Bush. I told him it was a fairly even-handed view of Bush, and not really fun. Damned if I didn't already tell him that. Oh well, we suffered through, then watch hulu on my laptop in bed. Not really that exciting, but hopefully kept him happy for a minute.
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Spouses & Friends

So, it seems like more often than not, people I like, my husband doesn't.  It seems to work the same for the people he likes.  Which would be fine, except he doesn't seem to be fond of me running around with my friends.  I don't care if he takes off with his friends, but id doesn't seem to work both ways.  It took nearly a month of me having a scheduled "girls night" during the week before he became okay with it, but there are still times when he sulks about it.

I have come to accept that I should just do stuff I want to do and make him deal with it, but the sulking and insecurity is such a pain to deal with.  Somehow sitting watching television is "together time" and watching TV while I use the computer isn't.  Argg.  Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but it is annoying.  At least festival season is approaching and I will have more things to do.  God, I want a job.

First Post. I am soooo lazy.

So I was going to post yesterday, but I was in an exceptionally foul mood and didn't want to come off as a total bitch.  I mean, I kind of am, but who wants to let that cat out of the bag right awa-  oh, oh well.

So, it is a beautiful day, so I'm going to wipe down the Vespa and cruise around town for a while.  I hope the rain tomorrow is one of those overthing things, so my first baseball game of the year is pleasant.  Go Vitamin D!

Anyway, my man is finally convinced that when we head back to Ohio in a couple of weeks, we'll have to split up so that he can spend a bunch of time with his mom.  He's made a few plans for us without asking me, which is annoying.  I'll give him a bit of a break, since he has to deal with his mother.  Besides, I can always do what I want, if I feel like it.

Sending my laptop in for repairs soon. :(  Such a drag.
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